Junior Slotie

Slotie Juniors are the next generation of NFTs in the most anticipated blockchain network of Sloties. Slotie Juniors grant access to the Las Vegas of the metaverse, SlotieVerse.

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Press about us.

Welcome to the Slotieverse.

What happens in the Slotieverse, stays on the blockchain. Forever.

SlotieVerse is a Las Vegas metaverse experience where all the fun takes place. It’s a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. SlotieVerse aims to create unmatched social experiences with the mission to have entertaining events in every corner.

Casinos are one of the biggest entertainers in the world, no doubt that they are experts in creating engaging activities. In the SlotieVerse these activities are not only games but the overall social experience. Casinos in SlotieVerse can concentrate on building eye-catching buildings, hosting live concerts, and rewarding their customers, while developers and designers can benefit from creating awesome designs and game logic, which will then be adopted by the casinos featured in this virtual Las Vegas. SlotieVerse is an opportunity for anyone who wants to contribute to the decentralized ecosystem.

Slotie Juniors are the first to move into the SlotieVerse. Slotie Juniors are a collection of 10,000 unique artworks and they grant proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain, based on the ERC-721 standard.

Slotie Junior benefits and broad utility.

Land airdrop.

Every Slotie Junior gets a plot of land in SlotieVerse’s Slotie Junior District. The Slotie Junior District is a group of adjacent land plots where each parcel is owned by the Slotie Junior holder (a total of 10,000 land plots). It's fully autonomous and one of the hottest areas in SlotieVerse which is under full control of the Slotie Junior community. The community can decide if they want to develop the land, or anything else they imagine. It is controlled by a smart contract where the community can vote and make big decisions. The Juniors community controls 100% of the income of the district.

Wall of owners.

SlotieVerse all started because of the Slotie community–and everyone has to know about this–which is why around the Slotie District there is a Wall of Owners featuring 10,000 statues of each unique Slotie Junior. The statues are owned by the holders of the Slotie Junior and they can name the statues after themselves. Every visitor of the city will be able to see the name under the statue.

Wall of Owners.
Land Airdrop.

Exclusive Holder Reward - EHR

Exclusive Holder Reward is a reward that gets every Slotie Junior holder depending on the rarity of its attributes. By buying a Slotie Junior NFT a user pays for a lifetime club membership.  Slotie club operates in web 3.0 gaming and real estate, holders have the power to vote and decide how the rewards should be managed.

EHR - Exclusive Holder Rewards can mean various benefits and rewards that Slotie DAO comes up with.

Free spins & event tickets.

If there is something fun happening in SlotieVerse, Juniors have their benefits in it and can participate. Slotie Juniors can attend events with discounted prices, have free spins, and rakebacks in the slot machines and other casino games in SlotieVerse. 

VIP Pass.
Embassy in Sandbox.

Embassy in Sandbox.

It’s like having an embassy in a different world. Slotie Juniors will own land in Sandbox, which  will serve as a bridge to SlotieVerse. The Sandbox land is managed by the Juniors’ DAO. Part of the funds collected from the Juniors sales and royalties collected from Opensea will be spent on the Sandbox land development.


Our plans moving forward into 2022.

Q1, 2022

Land in Sandbox

Step into another world as Slotie NFT buys their land in one of the largest metaverses out there, Sandbox. A Slotie Casino and SlotieVerse Embassy will be developed on this land, acting as a bridge between Sandbox and the Las Vegas of the metaverse, SlotieVerse. 

Rarity Platform Integration

Slotie Juniors will be listed on multiple rarity platforms to be seen worldwide. This extra layer of exposure gives Slotie Junior holders the opportunity to reach buyers and sellers from across the globe.

Series A fundraising round

Raising $10,000,000 in Series A funding from a VC fund for our own metaverse, SlotieVerse development. The deal is expected to finalize at the end of Q2. Slotie Junior launch plays a vital role in successfully closing the deal.

Q2, 2022

SlotieVerse Development Begins

These days, a world isn’t made in a week. After assembling an A-list team for the project in Q1, Q2 is the time when the hard work begins. Slotie Metaverse (SlotieVerse) Development Starts.

Acquiring Casinos on Board

SlotieVerse will attract as many casinos as possible. The Slotie team will use its network of potential partner casinos in the Web 2 Slotie Game and will negotiate with them to also move into Web3. The objective is to partner with at least 100 casinos at the end of the quarter. These Casino partnerships will substantially increase player base.

Marketing Activities

To keep growth stable and attract new community members to Slotie club, permanent marketing activities will continue and will increase in intensity and effectiveness.

Q3, 2022

Land Sales Start

As the project development continues to speed up, land in SlotieVerse is made available for sale. Holders can develop  their land according their wishes.

Partnership with Other Brands

In Slotieverse there will not only be Casinos but also Malls, Clubs, Entertainment Centers, and Autohouses.  Slotie has a separate team who will work and negotiate with top Horeca and Entertainment Brands to move into SlotieVerse. Drive through SlotieVerse in your very own Bugatti on your way to the Slotie DAO Club. The possibilities AND utilities are endless.

Q4, 2022

SlotieVerse Demo

The Demo of SlotieVerse comes to life. Explore and engage in the next level of the Metaverse, as the Las Vegas experience comes to Web3!

Wall of Owners is built

Juniors get their Wall of Owners throughout the Slotie Junior District honoring our early adopters and community support that makes Sloties so great.

SlotieVerse Beta

After a successful Demo Launch, at the end of Q4, the Beta Version of SlotieVerse will be officially released. At this time, the real benefits of Slotie Junior in the Metaverse will begin.

SlotieVerse Marketplace

SlotieVerse marketplace launches which allows for new 3D objects, new games, and other custom skins to be traded on the marketplace.

To be announced.

Traits and utilities.

Slotie Junior is a collection of 10,000 unique NFT tokens on a ERC-721 smart contract, levitating on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Slotie Junior is exceptional, some classy, some crazy. All of them have different attributes and benefits.

Every Slotie Junior is unique.

44 Pieces
Slotie Junior Body.
57 Pieces
Slotie Junior Hat.
47 Pieces
Slotie Junior Eyes.
39 Pieces
Slotie Junior Ear.
40 Pieces
Slotie Junior Teeth.
32 Pieces
Slotie Junior Clothes.
17 Pieces
Slotie Junior Background.

Our team.


Tas Nicolaou
Product Owner
John Hrzic
Matt's Crypto
Brett Malinowski
David Tonson
Game Design
Nick Bunia
Software Engineer
Marc Gibson
Smart Contract
Brianna Quintero

Frequently asked questions.

Slotie Juniors are the next generation of Slotie NFTs, which are unique ERC-721 tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain that bring multi-utility benefits to their owners.
Slotie Juniors will be the first to experience the Slotie Metaverse - SlotieVerse. Slotie Juniors will have their very own District of land in SlotieVerse and their very own DAO.
4,950 Slotie Junior NFTs will be available for mint. The remaining 5,000 will be able to be bred by current Slotie NFT holders. The last 50 are for Giveaways and Slottery Winners
You can mint using MetaMask or any wallet supported by WalletConnect
Minting will be directly on our website - junior.slotie.com

Please note, due to massive scam attacks on our community make sure you are visiting, junior.slotie.com - check the URL carefully. We will never DM you on Discord.
The ticket system was made to optimize gas costs for buyers. When you buy your ticket, you will receive a guaranteed possibility for future minting. You then can mint and use your ticket at any time you choose for less gas fees than traditional ETH transactions.
No, the price of the ticket includes the price of the NFT. When you mint your NFT by redeeming your ticket, you only pay gas fees.
Gas will be incredibly low compared to normal ETH transactions. Our smart contract developers have created an extremely optimized contract for the initial mint tickets.
The owner of a Slotie Junior NFT will receive the following benefits:

1. Receive one plot of land per Slotie Junior held;

2. Be the first to appear in the SlotieVerse Metaverse and will receive rewards from the Slotie Junior District;

3. Wall of Owners in the Slotie Metaverse (SlotieVerse) to forever honor the original Slotie community;

4. Event tickets in the Slotie Junior District;
The SlotieVerse is Slotie NFTs very own Metaverse. It is the equivalent of Las Vegas on Web3. SlotieVerse brings the social experience that traditional online casinos are lacking and revolutionizes the online casino experience.
Before Slotie Juniors, Slotie Originals have been developing Web2 Slot Games, which will potentially be installed in casinos. These have already been negotiated and are waiting for the game development to be finished. The Slotie Team will move these casinos from Web2 to Web3 for integration into the SlotieVerse.
We are the same team behind the massively successful Slotie NFT launch. The team has game developers with more than 10 years of experience in the gambling industry and Casino networks.

Our greater vision is to pioneer in decentralizing the gambling industry by involving large casino chains in the NFT world. This is being achieved through an ever growing team of 3D artists, game developers, and programmers to create the largest casino metaverse experience, SlotieVerse.
You will need 2 Slotie and 1800 WATTs to breed a Slotie Junior

Please note:

-Watts are utility tokens that fuel the Slotie machines. They are NOT an investment and have NO economic value.
-WATTs is an internal currency & 1 WATTs = 1 WATTs
-Even if you will see WATTs trading on decentralized exchange platforms the liquidity is not  provided by our team but by random people who saw the future utility in it
-The utilities for WATTs are: Breeding, Slotteries, Governance / DAO, Customizations, Merch & Exclusive events access in SlotieVerse